COVID-19 In Korea, the market shrinks due to prolonged

It was found that the domestic outpatient prescription market is shrinking due to the prolonged COVID-19.

In the first half of this year, only 3 out of 10 pharmaceutical companies showed growth compared to the same period last year. And compared to the previous quarter, it was counted that less than 1 in 10 companies.

In particular, among the multinational pharmaceutical companies in the top 50. There was no growth, so the sluggishness was more pronounced than that of domestic companies.

As a result of Medifarm Today’s study of the domestic outpatient prescription market in the first half of this year based on best data. The total size was 7,116.1 billion won, down 3.1% from 7.346.5 trillion won in the same period last year.

The performance of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. Also decreased by 3.7% from 5.227 trillion won in the first half of last year to 5,32.7 trillion won this year, similar to the overall market size.

COVID-19 the 50 pharmaceutical companies

14 companies grew by only 28% compared to the same period last year. And only 4 companies grew from the previous quarter. Among them, not a single multinational pharmaceutical company was included.

The outpatient prescription market 디비 뜻. Which had contracted due to the full-fledged spread of COVID-19. Which started at the beginning of last year, increased slightly in the second half of the year. But it seems to have turned to a decline due to the prolonged period.

Hanmi Pharm maintained its No. 1 position with 327.2 billion won in the first half of this year. Down 0.2% from 327.7 billion won a year earlier. This is a decrease of 2.9% compared to the previous quarter.

Chong Kun Dang, which is competing for the top spot. Fell 6.6% from the same period last year to 268.5 billion won due to the temporary suspension of sales of some products, widening the gap with Hanmi Pharm.

In the top 10, HK Innoen was the only one showing growth. Increasing 1.6% to 163.3 billion won this year from 160.8 billion won in the same period last year.

Myungmoon Pharmaceutical recorded the biggest drop in prescription performance. Down 18.4% to KRW 50.6 billion from KRW 62 billion in the same period last year. Four companies recorded double-digit declines: AstraZeneca -15.2% (178 billion won), Bayer -13.1% (59.6 billion won), and Kyungdong Pharmaceutical -12.3% (68.6 billion won).

In addition, Pfizer -7.4% (KRW 250.3 billion), MSD -7.0% (KRW 195.2 billion), Novartis -8.5% (KRW 181 billion), Astellas -9.6% (KRW 91.4 billion), Jeil Pharm -7.4% (905) 9 companies, including JW Pharm -7.4% (88.2 billion won), Ildong Pharm -7.5% (78.9 billion won), Bukwang Pharm -8.5% (51.6 billion won), Unimed -7.8% (45 billion won), etc. decreased.